Free bookmark designs, templates and bookmark ideas from Cards. There are many different themes and you can personalize all of the bookmarks on the site. Print 1 bookmark or up 4 bookmarks per page. Print 4 of the same bookmarks or print 4 different bookmarks. It's up to you. There are currently 140+ bookmark designs in 13 categories. Enjoy!

Printable Bookmarks

: Many styles for each heading! Click on a preview to see all the bookmark templates in that theme.

General bookmarks:

bookmark ideas for teachers
birthday (new)
birthday bookmark templates
bookmark ideas for boys
fall bookmark designs
cute bookmark designs

Holiday themed bookmark templates:

Valentine's Day bookmarks
Valentine's bookmark template
Valentine's bookmark ideas
Christmas bookmarks
Christmas bookmark ideas
Christmas bookmark templates
Halloween bookmark templates
Halloween bookmark ideas
Easter bookmark templates
St. Patrick's Day
Easter bookmark ideas

Sports bookmarks:

basketball bookmarks
sports bookmark templates
basketball bookmark templates
soccer bookmarks
soccer bookmark templates
sports bookmark ideas

Other themes:

Coming soon!

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I don't actually use bookmarks. I made these thinking someone might like to use them. If you use bookmarks and like these, let me know. I'll make more if people actually use/need them. Send me an email and I'll do my best.

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